Political Representation, Executives, and Political Parties Survey 

Collecting information on party systems in Latin America, Europe, and beyond using expert surveys.

Our 2018/2019 Latin American expert survey expanded and combined previous efforts of measuring policy positioning (Wiesehomeier and Benoit, 2009) and democratic linkage mechanisms (Kitschelt 2013).

Questions on policy positions included the general left-right dimension, the economic left-right, social policies, redistribution, foreign policy, and environmental policy, among others. Furthermore the survey collected information on conditional exchange and party organization. The data therefore will allow for a comprehensive comparative assessment of policy dimensions for a large number of parties and presidents across 18 Latin American countries in conjunction with mechanisms of accountability and modes of competition. The first release of this data can be found at the Harvard Dataverse.

In 2020 we will cover thirty-four additional countries to include Western and Eastern Europe, Australia, Canada, Israel, Turkey and the United States of America. This will not only enable scholars to explore the policy positions of political parties across regions, but it will also update information on core countries included in Party Policy in Modern Democracies.